DPG Video Editor

DPG Video Editor

DPG Video Editor edits WMV and AVI video files and converts them to DPG (See all)

DPG Video Editor can edit WMV and AVI video files and convert them to the DPG format.
This video format allows you to play videos in Nintento DS consoles.

The program can also resize, split and trim the video files while converting them. You will also be able to add fixed text, subtitles, add or replace the audio stream and more.

In order to work, this program needs the latest .Net Framework, the latest AVISynth and the latest version of DirectX installed in your system. The author provides links to download each one of these free components in its webpage.

Additionally, you will need to install BatchDPG, as the program will need it to allow you to preview the video files while they are being processed, and to add subtitles. You can download BatchDPG for free from the author´s webpage on http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/threads/26410-NDS-DPG-batch-encoder.

You can choose the DPG Video Output height to be 128 or 144 pixels. The width (256) cannot be changed. You can choose the subtitle to add and the sound stream to use. The program allows to amplify the volume of the sound, or add a delay to synchronize it better with the video stream.

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  • It is free
  • It allows to convert and edit common AVI or WMV files for Nintendo DS


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